Friday, July 10, 2009

on being a grown up

Random thoughts after almost two months of supposedly being a “grown up”…

Since graduation, there’s been lots of transitions. My days have consisted of work, time with Garret, discipleship, time with roomies, and working out. And of course Many trips home. Garret and I have gone home SIX times since graduation! For sure, I am enjoying the lack of homework, and every time I drive by Copy Corner I remember how wonderful it is to no longer have to go on late night treks there.

For a while now, I’ve felt like my heart is hardening. Too much pretending, too much just getting through things. But, God is faithful and last weekend I reached my breaking point in several areas and the heart defrosting began. Now I just need to keep pursuing it. God is reminding me that in Him, I really can have a soft heart and sensitive spirit. I’m slooowly beginning to again more readily see His provision and care, both in everyday things and big ones. For example, one day a few weeks ago, my bff Kristi texted me to say that she’d gotten a teaching job, and seeing God provide in a big way made me start tearing up, and that made me happy. I’ve missed being weepy!

On a lighter note, here are some of my new favorite things:
songs: Hero by Connersvine, Mercy and You will be Whole by Lindsey Kane (Seriously - check those out. a-mazing.)
food: Special K protein shakes, grapes,
blogs: Girl Talk, Card Observer, Pioneer Woman, Surviving the Stores, Smitten Kitchen
stuff: my Mary Englebreit tear-away calendar – because it makes me smile every morning when I get to see a cute new picture for the day.

Garret and I are doing well. We've gotten to stay in College Station and rest lately, and that's been really nice. He is still enjoying working at a local video production company. He's also pretty excited about how well the Texas Rangers are doing this year.

During the month of June, I participated in my first camp at Cliff Latham’s Adventure Boot Camp for Women, and it was really great to have accountability and enthusiasm from friends and trainers to help me take better care of myself – and challenge myself! Even though waking up at 5 a.m. (usually actually about 5:17) was not very enjoyable, it’s been so much fun to feel like an athlete again. As I transitioned from college life where I walk to campus and class every day, to a 8-5 desk job, I wanted BC to be a real catalyst for positive change, and I think I’ve achieved that. I’m probably not going to do another camp for a while (for money and time reasons), but I’m trying to keep working hard on my own. Feel free to keep me accountable on that, because it’s definitely harder on my own. I really love walking and running around my neighborhood, so that is extra incentive.

That reminds me – lately I’ve been realizing how much I LOVE our neighborhood! I’ve always loved looking at old houses, and I’m so thankful for that going on 3 years now God has placed me in a wonderful house with wonderful girls, in a quirky/old/historical neighborhood. One of my new favorite diversions is taking long walks/jogs down little winding lanes I haven’t yet traversed. There are so many adorable houses, random woods, and quirky garden-jungles around here. It’s fun exploring :)


  1. i love our neighborhood too! something about running in the park or just hanging out around it is a good diversion.

    good job on posting! :)

  2. you make me happy. as does jesus & ice cream.
    i love you!

  3. I liked this post!