Friday, March 12, 2010

light and love

found this on flickr... made me sigh. sweet blue skies of hope. rare and wonderful.

Monday, March 8, 2010

gentle part of town

This is a gentle part of town
- run down.
Papers blow about the street,
people walk on tired feet,
discount stores, a place to eat,
hardware, garden stuff and such:
shabby. No, there isn't much
to see. And yet,
here's a part I can't forget.
It isn't something
I just feel:
but folks are folks here,
folks are real,
folks are simple,
folks are kind,
if you don't buy much,
they don't mind.
It's just a gentle part of town
- run down.

- By Ruth Bell Graham,
in Sitting by My Laughing Fire, a collection of her poems

(I got that book for free from the BGEA several years ago,
and I am SO glad I did. Her writing is vulnerable and strong,
and the accompanying photographs and images are beautiful.
This photo, however is mine - taken near Independence, TX.)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

i won!

Today turned out to be a good day. I rested, and recovered from a super busy weekend, and ignored the blog world all day, and then tonight I discovered that I had won a beautiful prize from an adorable blog! See here. So fun!!

Monday, March 1, 2010


explored., originally uploaded by lullabysounds.

Everyone has a story. The Lord values each and every person's stories, and therefore I should as well. Sometimes it's hard: I decide for myself that I'm tired of that person's story, or I don't think they're doing it right, and I stop listening to or participating in their story. That's not the way I should walk in.

I think these were 2 of the biggest themes I learned in college:

1. Trust. Trust. Hey guess what, TRUST. Oh, and do some resting and waiting as well. Because, the Lord is the only secure home for your trust and hope and rest. Place your trust in Him - roll your cares and worries and tears into His arms and sit and breathe: it's safe. The waiting will be valuable and He will redeem whatever you think has been lost.

2. Even the people that I may think must have it all together, actually have a story. They have hurts and pasts and struggles just like me. Whether I'm a huge fan of the person or not is irrelevant: God is the one writing their story and so guess what it's quality material. Duh. Everyone has layers upon layers of complex and delicate life. But, when I write them off as unlovable, I miss out on how the Lord is working and I ignore His grace (towards me and my negativity) and His power to redeem each of us and write beautiful life/love stories for our whole selves.