Thursday, October 1, 2009


So, tonight my friend Sydney and I decided that we're going to have a "blog-off."

For the month of October, whoever posts the most entries wins. (Wins what? Haven't figured that out yet. Syd - we should also probably make some rules for this, like what qualifies as a truly legit post. Don't try nothin' shady!)

This is us in happy, less-competitive days ;)

It all started bc she was in town and hangin' out at the shalom shack, chattin'. When the subject of blogs came up, I accused her of not blogging recently, and then she put that evil back on me and the truth came out that I hadn't posted anything since... Aug. 17. Her last one was Sept. 11.

So we declared a it contest: The Blog-off. Me & this blog vs. Sydney & The Vault.



  1. 3 things.
    one i didn't even KNOW sydney had a blog until the blog off.
    two i'm excited because i like you both a lot.
    three i'm 95% sure i'm coming to texas for your wedding.
    i love you!