Monday, November 23, 2009

Country girl

So, I've pretty much always listened to some country music. But, lately I've been realizing that I really only listen to either Christian music or dance music now, lol. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) This semester almost every time I turn on a country station, it just sounds unappealing. What's happening to me!?! ;)
So, tonightI decided to rediscover some quality country songs that make me happy/nostalgic/thoughtful/dancey. Here is my list. Judge as you will, but maybe try a few out, too!

Bring it on Home by Little Big Town
Will always make me think of Garret Austin.

Oklahoma Breakdown by Stoney LaRue
I JAM to this.

Life in a Northern Town by Sugarland, with Little Big Town
Could listen to that all stinking day.

The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert
Just recently started listening to this song. She's SO hardcore. And a little scary.

House of a Thousand Dreams by Martina McBride
Good greif I love this song.

Don't think I can't love you by Jake Owen

In Color by Jamey Johnson
Garret loves this. It makes me cry - I'm a sucker for story songs.
(Don't get distracted by the singer's nasty beard...)

Johnny and June by Heidi Newfield

You're Gonna Miss This by Trace Atkins
Cheese from creepy Trace, yes, but it really resonated last year.

Sick and Tired by Cross Canadian Ragweed
"Memories, overrated, all they do is get you damn frustrated."

Crazyfun party songs - for all the wild partying I do:

Love by Roger Creager (!), and The Everclear Song also by Creager
The Road Goes on Forever by Robert Earl Keen
Wear my Ring by the Bart Crow Band

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  1. so, i may be part of the reason that you're all about the dance music but i think you're part of the reason i'm more country. :P

    i haven't listened to the songs yet but i'll give them a try soon...