Sunday, January 24, 2010

Photography inspiration

The Shorpy blog posts very old black and white images several times a day, and often they are really fascinating. I'm not always a huge b&w fan, but this photo of the mountains is magnificent.

Colorado circa 1901. "Ouray from Blow-out Canyon." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative by William Henry Jackson, Detroit Publishing Co. (I also find this photo from that site really poignant and sad - sorry if that's weird. I feel like it's this really feeling picture of life when everything has fallen apart and your very last hope seems gone.)

One Love Photo is stinkin' cool. Why? Well, there's this...

And because, like me, they love film! Ok, and they're uber talented. Seriously. They are legit. They're a husband and wife wedding photography team, and in addition to using high quality digital cameras, they also capture funky/nostalgic/dreamy wedding images by using medium format cameras, and some cheap toy cams, too. You can read more about their style and gear here and see their flickr, where I especially love their film weddings set. (Can I have their job? Please? Maybe one day?)

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