Monday, March 8, 2010

gentle part of town

This is a gentle part of town
- run down.
Papers blow about the street,
people walk on tired feet,
discount stores, a place to eat,
hardware, garden stuff and such:
shabby. No, there isn't much
to see. And yet,
here's a part I can't forget.
It isn't something
I just feel:
but folks are folks here,
folks are real,
folks are simple,
folks are kind,
if you don't buy much,
they don't mind.
It's just a gentle part of town
- run down.

- By Ruth Bell Graham,
in Sitting by My Laughing Fire, a collection of her poems

(I got that book for free from the BGEA several years ago,
and I am SO glad I did. Her writing is vulnerable and strong,
and the accompanying photographs and images are beautiful.
This photo, however is mine - taken near Independence, TX.)

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