Monday, February 22, 2010

House dreaming: stripes

So, now that Garret and I have found our rent house (that cute lil gal above), I am SO excited about planning the decor for it and picking out DIY projects for us to tackle. My creativity and "take on way too much at one time"-ness + Garret's mechanical ingenuity and determination could equal either homey awesomeness or (really fun) trouble. (I'm voting for the former, mostly.)

Consequently, I have a new found addiction to HGTV and Apartment Therapy. I can't tell you how many AT posts I have starred in my reader. Because it would be outrageous.

Anyways, today I was enchanted by this gallery of rooms with painted stripes. So dang fun! Can I paint some stripes? Please, Garret!? I mean, no I can't necessarily think of a room in our will-be home where stripes could work, but they're just so pretty to look at! (Ooh! Maybe the office/craft room!?!)

My favorites are the really wide horizontal stripes across just one wall of a room. I think it adds nice visual interest and movement to a space. (And yes, that's me pretending like I know what I'm talking about.)

And, who wouldn't want a circus tent-esque bathroom!?! I'm on board with it. Too bad the bathroom in our quirky lil house has piiink tile. (I'm going to try to play up other, more neutral colors in there so that Garret doesn't throw up every morning.) Anyways... striped bathroom dream officially shot down... for now.


  1. I would definitely come over just to use your bathroom if it looked like this black and white circus tent...