Saturday, February 20, 2010

The latest

baylor upsidedown, originally uploaded by leli jo.

Garret and I spent some of Valentines Day in Independence, taking photos. i was happy with how they turned out. This double exposure above turned out really trippy! And this cutie is one of my new favorite photos ever.

I've started a new adventure: writing a faith-inspired wedding planning blog. So, one reason I've written a lot less here lately (and haven't made a new header - so sad!) is because I've been writing a lot on this new blog and trying to gather readers. It's called Every Good and Perfect, and you can read my explanation of why I'm writing it in this post.

Learning a lot of new things at work: budgets, proposals, reallocations, federal initiatives - all things that I was previously totally unfamiliar with! This has been challenging sometimes, but I'm still very grateful for my job. I can walk around outside at lunch, I work with wonderful people who treat each other like family, it has great benefits and holidays, and I'm learning lots of new and valuable skills!

And, drumroll.... Today was an extra excellent day for two reasons:
1. Garret got a job! He was hired at a reputable local cabinet manufacturer and he is SO excited. Praise the Lord! God is so faithful to provide, right when we reach our breaking point...

2. We're getting married in 99 days!!! To celebrate, I made Garret a list of 99 reasons why I can't wait to marry him, and he liked that a lot. It was really fun to write :)

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  1. I really enjoy your creativity. Your passion for photography has sparked my own interest (not enough to go buy more cameras, but just enough to make me want to take more photos). I'm excited about these things you are passionate about...

    and awesome about Garret's job! HUGE answer to many prayers :)