Sunday, January 11, 2009

Where to start...

So... a lot has happened in the past few weeks. I've finished my next-to-last semester of college, gone overseas for 20 days, celebrated Christmas and New Years without my family for the first time, and learned a lot of new, old, and new-old lessons along the way. One thing on my mind a lot is that I want to write. And I want to write well and for a good purpose. So, here I am blogging, and hoping that this site is a place where 1) I can keep you updated on what's really going on in my life, and we can join in community together through sharing and learning about each others' lives 2) I can express myself by wondering/wanderinng, examining, venting, sharing, and/or pondering 3) I can experiment with my writing and hopefully improve 4) God can use simple, typed words to affect our lives.

The title of my blog is mostly intentional, but also partly last resort after trying to find an un-taken name. I'm learning more and more to profoundly trust the Lord, and trust the people He's blessed me with. I'm learning how to love, how to actually invest in people's lives and not expect service, results, or met-standards in return. I'm learning how to write for different avenues, and seeking an answer for how I could more intentionally write for the Lord. And last, I'm learning how to accept that I fail, I fall short, I screw up - I'm a human that's what I do - and then stand on the Truth that my Father is not done with me yet. He repairs, He restores, He reconciles, and He redeems - that's what He does.

I trust that He has great things in store.

Thanks for walking with me in these everyday adventures. :)

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